Letter to Vioxx Users

Dear Sir/Madam:

Re: Class Action Lawsuit by users of Vioxx

As you know Wilder Wilder & Langtry has launched a class action lawsuit against Merck Frosst — the makers of Vioxx.

If you have taken Vioxx, whether or not you have as yet had adverse complications, you should have your rights protected by opting to have your name added as a member of the class action lawsuit.

If you wish to do so, please fill out the enclosed questionnaire on this website and our office will contact you with further information and/or to set up an appointment. We will ask that you complete a more comprehensive questionnaire pertaining to your use of Vioxx, an authorization for us to view your medical record at the appropriate time, and a Contingency Agreement between yourself and our firm. It would be of assistance to us if you would obtain records of your use of Vioxx from your pharmacy or pharmacies as soon as possible and send them in.

If you have already joined the class action lawsuit, please make sure that you have signed a Contingency Agreement with our office. In addition, we may be contacting you in regards to getting your medical and pharmacy records. To make arrangements in this respect, you may contact our Vioxx office at (204) 957-1456.

You should understand that you will not be charged a fee unless we are successful in recovering damages for you. However, we may require funds for disbursements such as charges levied by doctors, pharmacists and hospitals for medical records.

Please understand that class actions typically take a very long time to get resolved. You may not hear from us for some time, but you should check our website from time to time where we will post any important developments. The first stage of proceedings involves a court finding of liability (or settlement agreement) and fees for that are set by the court and paid out of monies put up by the defendants. After that, a mechanism is developed for submitting and deciding individual claims.

Please notify us immediately in writing of any change of name, address, or telephone number.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in this matter. We look forward to working with you.


The Vioxx Litigation Team