Labour and Employment Law

Wilder Wilder & Langtry provides advice and opinions in most aspects of labour and human resources law with a particular emphasis on wrongful and unjust dismissal,
employee discipline, employment contracts, human rights and harassment complaints, employee disability issues and Workers Compensation matters.

An employer must have just cause before firing an employee. The bar is very high in establishing just cause and usually requires an element of dishonesty or insubordination.

If you are fired without just cause and without adequate notice an employer is required to provide appropriate compensation.

Appropriate compensation generally ranges of between two weeks to one Month’s salary and benefits for every year of employment.

If you feel you have a wrongful or unjust dismissal claim or other employee/employer concerns please contact us immediately. We often offer free consultations and often
handle cases that involve a damage award on a contingency fee basis.

Our lawyers provide cost effective and quality representation and have advocated on behalf of clients before various administrative boards and all levels of courts in Manitoba in this area.